Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I'm Back! Day #7 Done!

Oh man I've felt sooo guilty having such a long break but I got pretty sick. I hardly ever go to the Dr. In fact, it had been so long I just ended up going to one of those My Dr. Now places. Anyways, I got antibiotics for the cold and cough that just wouldn't go away and I feel sooo much better. I can actually breath now and my kids aren't sick anymore!

I just completed Day #7 for me! It was hard! I don't know if it was so hard because I ate lunch before I did the video or because I have had so many days off but it was just hard.
I felt it a lot in my knees. Maybe I didn't stretch out enough today.

I haven't been eating as good as I should be. Today I had Taco Bell for lunch and I didn't make good choices...I had a burrito supreme and a taco. I will try harder to do better with my eating!


  1. Welcome back to the shred, girl! Glad you know you're on the mend. Make sure you get enough rest.


    PS-it's killing my knees too!

  2. Yes, glad to have you back! Did you try the "Drive Through Diet"? Ha! Oh Taco Bell. Don't worry...the more you get into the Shred, the more you'll find foods to fuel your body. Keep it up!

  3. Love it...Drive Through Diet...that's hilarous!