Monday, January 11, 2010

Day #6 Completed

I did back on the ban wagon! I just completed day #6 Shred and it was a lot easier than it's been lately. I was able to stay with it most of the time. I also switched my hand weights from 3 pounds to 5 pounds and did notice a huge difference. Some of the weight moves were harder which was good because the 3 pound weights were getting too light.

I have ate okay today. I had an iced coffee for breakfast. I didn't eat anything else for breakfast because I had a wonderful dentist appointment. Then for lunch I had a bean and green chili meat burrito. For dinner I'll probably have chicken.

It feels good to be working out again even though I still have this cold!


  1. Good for you, for getting back with it! I hope your cold leaves soon! Seems like it's been hanging around awhile now!

  2. Welcome back! Keep it up (o:

  3. Congratulations on getting back into it!

  4. Andrea where are you? I miss ya! How you feeling girl?

    God Bless :)